Our Achievements

1. Organising over 1,000 HESTA and First State Super (now Aware Super) members to write to those funds asking them to divest from fossil fuels, resulting in both those funds divesting from pure play thermal coal companies in 2020. The announcements were covered in the Sydney Morning Herald: HESTA's here and First State Super's here.


2. Delivering a letter from over 200 healthcare workers and 13 health organisations asking AGL to replace their coal fired power stations with renewable energy by 2030. We were again covered in the Sydney Morning Herald here and produced our own video of our letter delivery action.


3. Organising a rally outside Parliament House in coalition with multiple health and community groups to urge the Victorian Government to reduce air pollution - video here.


4. Collaborating with the Business Renewables Centre - Australia to run a webinar on purchasing 100% renewable energy for large health organisations in November 2020, with almost 40 attendees.