Meet the Team

Kate Lardner


Kate is a Melbourne-based doctor and co-founder of Healthy Futures. She helps co-ordinate our advocacy to AGL and superannuation funds to replace fossil fuels with renewables by 2030.

contact: [email protected]

Harry Jennens


Harry is a GP and co-founder of Healthy Futures. His focus is on supporting communities to reduce pollution and transition to clean energy while protecting livelihoods and health.

contact: [email protected]

Geraldine McClure

Latrobe Valley Organiser

Geraldine is a carer support co-ordinator in the Latrobe Valley passionate about protecting Latrobe Valley residents from pollution and ensuring a healthy future. Max is passionate about bones and cuddles.

contact: [email protected]

Fiona McWhirter

Central Queensland Campaigner

Fiona is a nurse in Rockhampton passionate about protecting Queenslanders from the health impacts of pollution and working towards a sustainable future.

contact: [email protected]

Chanté Bock

Digital Organiser

Chanté is Healthy Futures' Digital Organiser, creating multimedia content and ensuring our supporters have pathways to take action.

contact: [email protected]

Michelle Conkas

Digital Engagement Officer

Michelle is Healthy Futures' Digital Engagement Officer, organising our monthly e-newsletter to our supporters and helping maintain our website.

contact: [email protected]

Angus MacDonald

Online Communications Officer

Angus MacDonald is from the United Kingdom, and studied history at Cambridge University. He has since taught English in Mexico, worked as a literary agent in London; and was a chef for a rural primary school. Angus is Healthy Futures' Social Media Co-ordinator.

contact: [email protected]

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